Sometimes He Cries

…because I won’t let him look through the viewfinder of the camera WHILE I’m taking his picture.

Oh the sweetness of the calm after the storm.

…because he can’t find his FUDDY GUY! (Anything from a clown to an astronaut to the demonic bionical happy meal toy with the red glowing eyes is a “funny guy” according to Magoo.)

I found the fuddy guy!  You can stop the waterworks buddy.

…because his spoon is the wrong color.

Oh the horrors of a GREEN plastic spoon.  The tears in the first photo are brought to you by the color of this spoon.

…because when he said “yes” he really meant “no” which of course meant “yes” except today because it didn’t and I dared to misunderstand his meaning.

…when I move him back to the crib after he escapes from his bunkbed. As he cries, he yells, “I WANT MY CHANCES!”

…because these feet aren’t really skid proof and the linoleum is less forgiving than he’d like.

One day he'll enjoy sliding around the floor when he's old enough to keep his head from blamming into things.  Unfortunately by that time he'll probably be too big for this sleeper.

…because everything fun is “dangerous.”

…because he’s two, the cookies are “hid” and life is pain.

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