George Never Seems Tired

I really don’t remember my mom being this tired but looking back I’m sure she was. When we complained that she was waking us up too early in the morning, she was the one WAKING US UP TOO EARLY IN THE MORNING, which meant she was already awake and probably had been for quite some time. When we were up sick in the night, we complained about being sleepy the next day but she was up with us too and with who knows how many other kids. (I bet she knew how many.)

My sleep has been spotty at best this trip. The kids have taken turns with nightmares, stomach flu, ear infections and general crankishness. We all drove down to Utah together, had a wonderful time at the wedding and then Dan headed back to Seattle to work and be a responsible dad-type person while I’ve continued to vacate without him.

We bounce from relative to relative like leeches with short attention spans and the kids are getting sick of it. They like ALL the relatives and become attached to their various pets, bedding, and stacks of paper and then I tear them away to the next location. Their adjustment period gets longer and longer.

Most recently we’ve been staying with my sister in a king-sized family bed, Laylee, Magoo and I rolling, bonking and waking each other up throughout the night. Magoo isn’t happy unless he’s squished up beside me, his hand on my arm and his nursing lips fluttering in and out in memory of their glory days. Laylee finds his closeness to me highly unfair and wishes I would lay on her side… here… noooo… HERE… noooo… RIGHT HERE where my head will be placed just perfectly to allow the atomic zombie-slaying nightlight to sear my corneas with its rays of protection.

My body is becoming trained to wake up every 45 minutes. If the kids don’t call my name, I wake up automatically to check what’s wrong with them. I snap awake and spend 30 seconds trying to figure out which child has sent me the telepathic distress signal, then flop back on my pillow when I realize there’s nothing wrong… yet.

Right now I’m on my way to the BlogHer Business conference in New York City. I’m speaking on a panel with some ladies from Method and I’m nervous and excited to visit the Big Fruit for the first time. It seems a bit skeery to me but I’ve packed several pairs of shoes and multiple electronic devices so I think it will all work out okay in the end.

I miss my Dan and he’s too still sleeping to call. I miss my kids but I don’t want to call and remind them to miss me. When I left them with grandma, they saw me off with kisses and a polite nudge to the side as I was blocking Curious George on the TV.

Sure. Stay loyal to the troublemaking monkey. We’ll see if he carries you to the bathroom in the middle of the night and makes up songs about flowers, butterflies, sharks and flannel on demand.

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