Anyone Can Do It

We’re all green around here. At this moment, my sinuses are all over the green movement. I hate them. I want to rip them out. I want to stomp on them and run them through my Cuisinart, squeeze them dry and then light them on fire. I have great displeasure with regard to my sinuses. But enough about my ongoing battle with the plague of death that continually resurfaces just when I think it’s safe to stop buying honey and lemons by the truckload.

Laylee and Magoo are trying to be more green. Yesterday I discovered that Laylee had gone commando to preschool. She couldn’t tell me why but I can only assume it was to save space in the washing machine and conserve energy.

Magoo likes to “reuse” the water in his cup at dinner by repeatedly backwashing the same liquid (and a few of its friends) back into his cup.

Both of them are vehemently opposed to slave labor, especially when it involves me forcing them to pick up their eleventy billion tiny plastic toys from all over the floor and under my bed pillow without compensation. I’m pretty sure they’re both for fair trade too. At the very least I frequently hear my little activists chanting about things not being “fair” and whining to each other that they want to “trade” toys.

I think I’ll take my little green nasals to bed now but before I do, I have one question for you – Does it count as “clean living” if behind my sink full of filthy dishes I have a garden window full of vegetable starts?

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