Lost and Found

lost-and-foundI’ve officially decided that I have too many purses. Remember the priceless family heirlooms I allegedly tossed in the landfill a couple of weeks ago? Well it turns out that they were in the zipper pouch of the OTHER purse I took on vacation and not the one I cleaned out. So Dan and I are still officially married and I feel officially sheepish and very grateful.

I usually pray when I lose something and 9 times out of 10 I find it right away. This time however I was too sure that the rings were gone forever to bother praying for help. I just accepted my ringless fate. Possibly there was a part of me that was hoping to cash in on Scout’s suggestion to add a few carats here or there when we replaced the set… for comfort.

But they’re back and I have a renewed love for them.

This color is radIn other news, my 20-year-old dryer that’s painted a color which indicates that it’s impossible to find replacement parts for it, finally bit the big one. Dan performed an autopsy this weekend and it looks like one of the thingies is snorgled and there’s no recovering.

Luckily the drying racks I ordered weeks ago showed up in the mail within 5 minutes of me discovering that the dryer had surrendered to the sopping towels in its belly. I guess I’ll be finding out what it’s like to line dry for REAL over the next couple of weeks as we research various dryers. Anyone in love with theirs? Any good recommendations?
it's too rainy here to dry them outside

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