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I wrote a post at Parenting today about how Laylee seems to follow in my footsteps.

Well here’s a big fat peek into the world of Laylee’s mom. That’s me. What kind of a person must I be if my daughter wakes up at the crack of dawn and creates a list of all the things she plans to get done that day? She is five years old. She is neurotic. She is awesome.

She told me what each of the pictographs meant and proceeded to work aggressively to complete all her tasks.

to-do list

write my ABCs for Rowan
Write out the ABCs for Rowan

draw a picture for Ellie
Draw a picture for Ellie. I hope it ended up looking better than that thing.

play in the sandbox
Play in the Sandbox. She writes this to get past my horrible tyranny. It’s been pouring rain and she’s been begging me to play in the sand/slop box. She thinks I can’t say no if it’s on a “list.” She is wrong.

watch TV
Watch TV. Our TV isn’t quite that small. Almost, but not quite. And it has way more static.

pick flowers
Pick Flowers. Her favorite activity. Although she’s always surprised and angry when they wither and die 10 minutes later.

eat vitamins
Eat Vitamins. The highlight of every day.

play on the wii
Play on the Wii. Oh how I love this little tiny drawing of a wii-mote.

eat cereal for breakfast
Eat Cereal for Breakfast

eat chicken nuggets for lunch
Eat Chicken Nuggets for Lunch

Eat Macaroni for Dinner
Eat Macaroni for Dinner. I acutally made a quality dinner this night and she was STEAMED! Veggie chilli was not on her list! But then she loved it and this list was forgotten.

exercise for three five minutes
Exercise for Three Five Minutes. I love her little exercise pose with the fist up in the air.

Feed the Fish
Feed the Fish. Notice the tiny drawing of a fish on the fish food container.

Play in the garden
Play in the Garden. If only our flowers were actually that big so Laylee would really look like Thumbelina in the garden.

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