The Urine is Here!

The sanity is not.

We’re doing it. We’re saying goodbye to diapers and hello to stench and stains and public restrooms and plastic bags in my purse waiting to be filled with little peed-in Lightning McQueen special pants.

Magoo’s been ready but lazy for a while.

I’ve been not ready AND lazy for a while.

But I’ve decided it’s time. The weather is perfect for airing little baby man parts and whizzing on the grass. My back is just well enough to allow me to laze around asking Magoo if he’s wet or dry hundreds of times a day but not well enough to be running all over the world.

The fear of little yellow liquid surprises will keep me close to home which will be good for my back. I’m at that dangerous stage of recovery where I feel “okay” so I want to plow through everything that’s piled up while I was taking it easy. But I know my body’s not ready to go full force yet.

Full-time potty training Magoo could be just the road block I need to keep my feet planted safely at home. I should leave the house every once in a while though so I’ll have the experience of smelling the air outside our giant litter-box of a home and when I come back here I’ll know how bad it is and take steps to regulate it.

**Update — The first day of Potty Boot Camp is over and he’s had one accident and managed to spontaneously run to the potty 5 times listening only to the inner voice of his clueless little bladder. He’s doing really well! My main concern now is the uncushioned nature of his tender little nuggets in those big boy pants. I fear that he slams around this house with far too little concern for his future children.**

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