Today Magoo marked his territory in the baked goods isle of The Family Grocer. It’s much “grosser” now than it was before.

He stood next to me as I perused the canning supplies and suddenly let out a huge, “OH. NO!”

I looked down to see a yellow puddle growing below him. Apparently he is somehow freakishly able to hold a volume of liquid greater than the apparent volume of his body. He then evacuates the liquid wherever he happens to be standing.

At least he’s starting to seem concerned about it. When he lost it in the grocery store, he kept saying, “I’m sorry Mom. I only pee in the potty now. I PROMISE! I’m sorry Mom. Can I get a present?”

To his credit, he did run to the potty several times today without being asked. Now I did promise him a Swedish fish for every time he emptied his contents into the proper receptacle. A friend told me that bribery is perfectly acceptable and no 6th grader ever still needed to be promised candy in return for doing their business on the pot.

I take comfort in that as I send him happily into a dehydration-aggravated diabetic coma. At one point he seriously went potty 4 times in a ten minute period, squeezing every last drop of liquid from his body.

Sitting here on the family room couch I’m not sure if I can actually smell pee or the scent is just permanently emblazoned on my memory.

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