Summer is Upon Us

And the blogging is slim. There’s just so much going on around here. Who can find the time to record it? Therefore I will offer you a photographic essay to explain my absence from the sphere of blogism.

The kids have started swimming lessons and they’re in a class together, although we’ve had to skip twice this week due to the near-death plague ravaging their bodies. This is probably for the best since at the last lesson Magoo’s face nearly exploded and it’s such a cute face, I’d like to keep it intact.
We’ve been cavorting with pirates.
Running all around.
Eating more than we should.
Bonding as a family.
And going on late night walks around our neighborhood in the perfect Puget Sound summer weather.
I’ll totally have more time for blogging when the school year starts and I’m teaching the youth at church, serving as the co-communications board member for the PTA, teaching at Magoo’s co-op preschool, running, and working on my other writing projects.

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