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***If you’d like to be entered to win a This is Me Journal, leave a comment that lists your favorite beverage. I’ll pick 2 winners randomly Wednesday at 10pm PST.***

Although Laylee’s a frequent indirect contributor to Daring Young Mom, she’s too young to actually blog. However I love hearing what she has to say about life. Her pictures tell so much about what’s going on inside that amazing little head of hers.

this is me journalOne of my favorite ways to dig in and find out what really matters to her is with the This is Me Journal. Designed by a fellow mom-blogger, this journal is going to be an absolute goldmine of preciousness and blackmail material for years to come.

It’s part journal with questions and fill-in-the-blanks, part drawing pad and part scrapbook. Luckily the scrapbooking component is very small and easy. Insert picture of your favorite stuffed octopus here. I can handle that.
her hair pretty much stays the same
Laylee listed me as one of her best friends and for favorite drinks she listed lemonade, strawberry lemonade, apple juice, cow’s milk (as opposed to the milk of a tsetse fly), and soda with Echinacea in it (a family favorite sick drink).

For the first several days after receiving it in the mail, Laylee slept with her “Book of Me” under her arm. When I suggested we put it somewhere safer, she took initiative and hid it. I finally found it today months later and we had a blast working on it. The journal would make a great gift for young friends and cousins whose homes seem to be filled with every new gadget and toy. I plan to buy copies the next few years for Laylee, help her fill them out and see how they compare.
all dressed up
Maybe in the future she’ll decide she doesn’t like cow’s milk anymore but I’m sure I’ll always be listed as a best friend.

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