Motorcycle Guy WE LOVE YOU!

Magoo’s decided that all motorcyclists have escaped from some sort of parade and that their main role in this world is to smile and wave at him sweetly like Miss Latina Puget Sound sitting on the back of her white Cadillac on the 4th of July. He waves and smiles and yells, “Hi MOTORCYCLE GUY!!!” and waits for the confetti to drop. It never does, but if one of them waves back, he gasps and regales me with the details of their interchange. “Mom. MOTORCYCLE GUY said HI TO ME!!” Ah yes, his life has been touched by the hand of Motorcycle Guy more than once and he may never be the same.

Honestly, I kind of hope he always stays exactly the same as he is now, with his fat little hand waving frantically at the bandana-clad tattoo-happy Harley rider as though the biker were a one-man float in the Macey’s Parade.

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