Please Sir – Buy My Wares

Things have been a little wild around here, me with my head cold, Dan with his stomach flu and the kids with the freedom to run wild through the house. Being the least sick of the two of us, it’s fallen on me to buck up and take care of things which I’ve been doing to an extent. Dan seems to still be living and partially hydrated and I distinctly remember washing at least 2 dishes today and at least looking at the laundry.

Being mostly home-bound, I decided that today was a good day to get my Etsy shop up and running. I’ve been making stuff for a while now and selling and giving it to friends and family but I think it’s time I got my act together and offered it to you good citizens of the interweb.

My most urgent seller right now is the Halloween Boo Bag. It’s perfect for all your Halloween panhandling needs. When you take your kids from door to door begging for food this October, you should do it in style with one of these adorable cotton treat bags. Each bag is made of 100% cotton and tinged with cuteness harvested directly from Magoo’s cheeks.

Tomorrow is Laylee’s big long appointment at Seattle Children’s. She’ll start the day off with a CT Scan and then we’ll be meeting with doctors, audiologists and geneticists to determine what’s the deal with her hearing loss and to find out what our options are. We’ve been waiting for months for this appointment. Wish us luck. A prayer or two couldn’t hurt.

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