If You Don’t Have Kids, You Probably Don’t Laugh Enough

You probably don’t want to tear your hair out as often either but I think it’s worth it for the laughter.

Earlier this week as we were walking to the bus stop to pick up Laylee, Magoo got an eyeful of a group of burly construction workers who had paused for their lunch break.

Magoo: Hey MOM! They’re having a snack time.
Me: Yep. Snacky time for those guys.
Magoo [leaning his whole body forward to scrutinize them]: Nope. I think they’re just having a tea party. I want to have a tea party with them!

Laylee and I recently got into a long and involved discussion about the election. Every answer I gave was subjected to a followup question. She wanted to know who I was voting for, why I was undecided, what I liked best about each of the guys. We even got into details about whether or not I thought Bush had done a good job and why. And what were some more reasons? When I tried to cut off the conversation after about a half an hour, she said, “Mom please! Tell me more. I really like this story.”

Hmm. Strangely I don’t. Anyhoo. As we were finishing up she got very serious.

Laylee: Mom, which one has the name that’s easiest to remember?
Me: Well, probably John McCain.
Laylee: Then you should probably vote for that guy.

Sweet. All my problems solved. And I should have thought of that myself because that’s exactly what I did when I chose to marry Dan Thompson. See that? Easy as pie. That’s part of his charm.

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