Goals and Pork Products

Lately Laylee’s been all about making goals. This Saturday she woke up with a whole diet and fitness regimen planned out. She would eat 2 bananas cut up with a knife, 2 apples sliced with the apple slicer and several glasses of water. She would then do back exercises in her exercise spot under the stairs and check her back to see how strong it was getting.

After completing her exercises, she told me that although she knows they are not “real” exercises, she’s pretty sure they worked because she got all sweaty. When I told her she’d better put her sweaty clothes in the hamper she said, “No. It’s okay. I just stuck them under my pillow to dry out so I can wear them again tomorrow.” I’m not sure if this action stemmed from a desire to save me work cleaning the clothes, a desire to save the planet by using less water and power or the fact that the outfit is pink and sassy and a gift from her grammy.

They’re in the wash even now. The wash that never ends. The wash that is sucking the life from my very soul. But I digress.

She told me that her entire Saturday fitness routine was to make her back strong like a real ballerina. She cannot WAIT to be a real ballerina and as she twitches and flails her way adorably through ballet class each week, she asks me if she’s ready for point shoes. Not yet honey. As long as the other moms are gasping and saying, “Oh MY!” each time it’s your turn to pirouette across the floor, you’re probably not ready, but I really really like you.

I’m glad she has a goal though and she is getting better.

Today my chest congestion was back so I skipped my workout and slept in late. As I headed down the stairs, I found Laylee waiting by the front door. She was all dressed down to her socks, shoes and jacket. She was wearing her backpack which she’d already loaded with her water, folder and a Laylee-esque snack.

“Wow,” I said, “You’re ready early.”

“I know. I made a goal last night not to get late slips anymore so I woke up really early and got all ready.” She squinched her face and gave me a double thumbs-up. Oh my word she’s such a KEENER! And do I love it? Yes I do.

I got myself and Magoo dressed, fed them breakfast (for which she took her backpack off) and went to grab my keys when she asked me, “Hey mom. Can I add something to my snack that I wanted to ask you about?”


“I want a piece of pork tenderloin. It’s okay. I can just eat it cold from my bag.”

So her kindergarten snack today consisted of a bag of peanuts, a slab of cold pork and a tub full of dry cereal. She dressed herself. Her back is strong. I think I’ll keep her.

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