Knit Till You Drop

With all the slashing and simplifying I’ve been doing lately I’ve had time to pick up old hobbies. My latest compulsion is knitting. I want to do it all the time. I’ve finally gotten up the gumption to try and learn something beyond the knitting of basic scarves that I learned in second grade in order to get a Brownie badge and surpass my Brownie nemesis as the reigning queen of all badgedom.

Last week I picked up a basic knitting book from the bargain piles at Barnes and Noble, the closest place to a crack den I’ll ever visit. It’s called Funky Chunky which makes Dan snortle and chortle like a wee boy of 14 every time he sees it and it’s actually a great little book.

With that book in hand and the help of the fine people in this video, whom I love passionately, I was able to persevere and make my first pair of mittens.

100% wool yarn chosen by Laylee.
Bamboo needles chosen by me because they’re warmer than metal and less icky than plastic.

Mittens modeled by the sweetest 5-year-old known to the family of man.

Magoo is next, then Dan and then maybe you. It depends on when the arthritis sets in. Sitting in a rocking chair and knitting without a care in the world is sweet y’all. You should try it.

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