A Really Keen Giveaway

**A winner has been chosen**

I’ve come to realize that there are 3 kinds of people in this world, those who wear and love Keens, those who covet Keens in a way that Moses would greatly disapprove of, and those who’ve never heard of them.

So for those of you in category 3, here’s a rundown of why I love Keen to encourage you to join categories 1 or 2. If you still need convincing after reading this, visit their new website and I’m sure you’ll be hooked.

1. They’re environmentally and socially responsible. Much of their products are made from reused or recycled material. They use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, give back to the community, and are working through a Fair Labor certification process. There are so many companies who have jumped on this bandwagon half-heartedly but I get the impression that Keen really means to make a difference in the industry and the world. Their company was founded on these principles 5 years ago and they keep taking their commitment to the next level.
2. They’re based in the Northwest so we’re neighbors and likely soon to be BFFs.
3. Their design is smart and their shoes are well-made, rugged and durable.
4. Handbags. You just have to look. Trust me.
5. Everything they make is gorgeous.
Wear Around MJ
Now you’re asking yourself, “Why is Kathryn giving me a big fat advertisement for Keen?” Firstly because I like em so darn much and secondly because they want to give one of you a Christmas present. An awesome Christmas present, a present of which I am totally jealous in a hypocritical I-enabled-this-so-why-am-I-freaking-out-with-envy sort of way.

Betty BootHead over to the site and look through everything. May I suggest the Ridgelines, Betty Boots, Palermo Boots or Palermo MJs?

How about a pair of classic Newports or Wear Around MJs?

bag_bettyAnd let’s face it. If it were me, I’d spend a good long time checking out their laptop bags and handbags. I’ve particularly got my eye on the Oswego and the Betty bag. The day packs are also delicious but I’d feel like I’d end up sharing them with my family and honestly, who wants that?

So yes. Go to the site. Pick out something you can’t live without and come back here and tell me what it is in the comments section of this post. Next Sunday night I will choose one random winner to rule them all who will receive a coupon code good for one free item of your choice from the Keen website. That’s right ladies and you 3 gentlemen. The winner gets to pick any one thing you want. Squeee! I’m so excited.

Here’s the bonus. If you post about the contest on your own site with a link back to this page, then come back here leaving a second comment with a link to your post, you’ll be entered twice.

But wait. There’s more. When the contest ends, I have a coupon code for everyone else to get free shipping on anything you order from the site.

So everyone wins. And the peasants rejoice. Now go. Window shop. Come back and report your findings.

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