Thanksgiving at Twilight

We stayed home for Thanksgiving this year and somehow lured most of Dan’s family up from Utah for a visit. It was a lot of fun. We went shopping, ate until we nearly ruptured, went and saw that one movie and played games, lots of games.

As I was playing with Dan’s sister, KayLynn, I started to notice things and I didn’t need google to tell me that something wasn’t right. We were playing a speed card game that she’d never tried before and she was clobbering everyone. She was impossibly fast and strong. Her bowl of ice cream was pale white and ice cold.

So I shot her a dirty look.

“Say it,” she taunted me.

I gave her the look again.

“Say it out loud.”

“Card shark,” I whispered, shivering.

She asked me if I was afraid. I said I was only afraid of losing to her. And I did. Badly.

This spider monkey will think twice before she teaches that masochistic lion any new card games. I mean. As if I could outrun her at Canasta. As if I could fight her off with her mad shuffling and dealing skills.

I’m honestly not sure if she’s the hero or the bad guy but when her face sparkles in the sunlight, she is beautiful.

I know, right?

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