The Wish List

Laylee let me know verbally what she wanted for Christmas a couple of months ago. So, being on the ball as I am, I did my shopping early. Then last week when we wrote our letters to Santa, she asked for totally different things. Guess who’s gonna learn the hard lesson that Santa’s elves are always watching and will make the Barbie and the Magical Pegasus DVD when they hear you ask your mom for it and there are no returns in Elf-land?

Then after her letter to Santa, she said she still had more things she wanted, well one more thing, and she wanted me to write it on a wish list for her. I asked her to tell it to me and I’d write it down later. She asked me to sit down and brought a pen and paper. She said, “I know I probably won’t get this but I just thought I’d ask so please write it down just the way I say.” So I did. Here goes:

Laylee’s Wishlist

Item #1 — “A square without a bottom of wood and I want to put it over my bed and I want there to be a door or stairs and I want a light in it so I can wake up by myself and I want it painted brown and if you want you can put a triangle on the top for a roof. I want the roof, if you do a roof, to be painted blonde. And I want there to be a TV and I just want movies on it and no antennas. And I want it to have windows and I want it to be soundproof from Magoo waking me up. And I want it to have a heater in there that’s as easy as it can possibly be for me to turn it on and off. And I want there to be a hole for the cord to go through and that’s the whole message. And I want it to be lockable so Magoo can’t come in and make noise in my ears. And I said I want art stuff in there, right? Because I want it to have art stuff.”

So yeah. I’ll talk to Dan about that one, or Santa, or Glenda the Good Witch or somebody because I’ve personally decided not to build my 5-year-old her own functional soundproof, fully-loaded, bed-topper mini-mansion bunker for Christmas. (Dan calls it a “life pod”.) Maybe one of those other people will have more mercy. I’m doubting that person will be Dan.

However, I will cherish that wish list for as long as we both shall live.

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