Library Patrons Suck Less

Coming out of a movie theatre the other night Dan and I couldn’t help overhearing a conversation between 4 teenagers. One of them had lost his wallet and they were all trying to find it. He said he was desperate to retrieve it, if for nothing else, to keep hold of his military ID. His friend chimed in earnestly, “Yeah, and your library card.”

To that his friend said, “Oh. I don’t think I have a library card.”

“What?! You don’t have a library card?!!

You gotta have a library card!

You can use a library card for anything.

If you don’t have a library card, you *&!?%# SUCK!”

His friends just stood there, semi-dumbstruck by his rabidly loyal defense of one of our country’s most beloved public institutions. Maybe he changed their minds. Maybe one or all of them went out to get library cards the next day.

Whatever happened, I think his diatribe should be put on a poster in an elementary school somewhere with a smiling portrait of Raven-Symoné, holding a copy of Stuart Little.

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