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Mother’s Day Is In the Water

TweetMaybe it’s just in the air. It’s definitely all around us and through us and it’s fun and LOUD and festive and at times obnoxious. My mom always used to say that what she really wanted for Mother’s Day was … Continue reading

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Nickelodeon’s Parents’ Picks Nomination

TweetAre you bored and looking for a radio button to click with your mouse? I will help you with your problem. Just head over to Nickelodeon’s Parents’ Picks website and vote for as your very favorite Seattle blog ever. … Continue reading

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Motherhood and Censorship

TweetI’ve written a post over at Parenting today and I’d love your input. We recently let Laylee pick out a book at the school book fair and as we’re getting into it, I’m realizing that it’s not appropriate for her, … Continue reading

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My Baby is Like a Squeaky Car Sound

TweetWhen I was a teenager driving my parents’ cars around, I would periodically hear a strange noise. After listening to it for a few days, I would get around to describing the noise to my skeptical dad. He would then … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Mother’s Day Gift Ideas — And Teleflora Giveaway

TweetAnd the winner is… commenter number 20, Liz from Our Little Man. This Tip Tuesday is kind of fun because I’m asking for your tips in exchange for the chance to win a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Teleflora for … Continue reading

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TweetMy sisters were in town all last week along with my cute niece, feeding me, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, playing games, initiating crafts, giving hugs and in all other ways reminding Laylee and Magoo what it’s … Continue reading

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