Great Job!


10 points go to Jen @ The Short Years for guessing that the terror alert meant only that the teacher had grabbed another stamp. When Dan asked Laylee about the stamps she said, “Oh yeah. We get some kind of stamp or sticker for every day we bring our folder to school.” There is no method to this teacher’s particular brand of madness.

Laylee loves her even if she hates her name. Before the school year started, the teacher sent home a small picture of herself so the kids would know what she looked like in advance. Laylee was smitten with Ms. Snop’s youthfulness and beauty.

“Do you think she’s about the same age as our babysitters?” she asked.

“No. She’s a lot older,” I sort of lied. She’s older. That part was true.

“I think she’s WAY too pretty to have a name like ‘Snop’,” Laylee announced.

About thirty minutes later she approached me with a thoughtful expression, “You know? Maybe ‘Snop’ is just her LAST name.”

“Yeah. I think you may be right.”

How could any parent name such a beautiful child “Snop?” It would just be wrong. And I was worried at the beginning of the year about what to expect with a first year teacher. I wasn’t sure she’d be up to the job but I have to say, we’re loving her. She is creative in her approach to teaching, she’s full of energy and the kids haven’t broken her yet. We’ll see how she’s doing a few years from now when she’s taught a couple hundred more 6-year-olds. Maybe she’ll look more like a First-Name-Snop at that point.

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