You Better Watch Out

You better not cry and all that nonsense because Santa’s kicking the cruelty up a notch this year. I opened my mailbox earlier this week and what to my wondering eyes should appear but the Franklin Covey Holiday Gift Guide – 2009 edition.
I was intrigued. The cover stated that Franklin Covey had an array of gifts for both the nice among us AND the naughty. I thought they just sold planners and stuff made out of leather. Well, Boy Howdy was I wrong.

The first few pages do show planner after planner in various sizes and varieties. BUT, when you get to page 7, you find the truth. Can you handle the truth kids?
That’s right. If you don’t behave yourself this year, you may end up with a $50 red pen in your stocking and there won’t be anything you can do about it. It’s Franklin Covey’s answer to coal for Christmas of ’09. Stick that in your smoking device, light it and inhale.

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