How Do I Do It?

I was walking through Pike Place Market with Wanda in the stroller last week when a woman came up and started making a big fuss over her, as she should. Wanda is unstoppably edible and adorable.

“What a cutie!” she gushed and just then Magoo walked around from where he was hiding behind my legs.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed, “You’ve got two of them. How do you do it?”

She was being awfully sweet but I couldn’t help myself.

“It’s easy,” I said, “I just send the third one off to school every morning.”

She startled and we both laughed but honestly things are easier with Laylee by my side. That girl could practically take care of Wanda herself if she had, you know, mammaries, and if Wanda didn’t weigh as much as she does.

(This picture was taken 2 months ago and Wanda’s about doubled in size. I really need to take a new one of the two of them together. It’s quite hilarious. Which girl is older? You can tell by the drool. And yes, I made the sock monkey pants.)

christmas eve

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