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Palm Pre Plus – Too Soft For This Goldilocks

TweetAlmost everything about the Palm Pre Plus is cooler than my previous phone, the HTC Touch Pro running Windows Mobile. I thought my phone was the hotness. I thought my phone was the greatest thing ever. The Pre is hotter. … Continue reading

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A New Profile Picture for Belle Babe deBoe

TweetLittle Wanda, AKA Belle Babe deBoe, AKA her real name is getting older and cuter and possibly just a teensy bit squishier. It’s time to update her profile picture on the sidebar and I’d love your input. Here are a … Continue reading

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Things That Go Bump in the Night

TweetDo Your Kids Ever Walk Around the House Like Zombies in Their Sleep? [read more at]

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April Fools

TweetMy kids like April Fools’ Day. It’s a festive time when they spend every waking minute lying their faces off and then saying, “Just KIDDING! April Fools!” Laylee said the best trick she played all day was to tell one … Continue reading

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Command Center Breach

TweetWhile we were on vacation in Utah my cell phone disappeared. “Oh,” you might think, “That’s a shame. Good thing it was just a cell phone.” The problem is it was not just a cell phone. That little black brick … Continue reading

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