Daring Dos – Tomorrow Starts Tonight

I often blog about things because I need the reminder myself. My swimsuit post was one of those cases where I had a sudden realization that I needed to do better at something. Usually I have to re-remember several times before I actually turn a good intention into a habit.

So I’m going to start sharing my re-rememberings with you in little mini-posts called Daring Dos, things I dare you (and myself) to do or at least to keep in mind as you go about your day.

Today – I want to remind you that tomorrow starts tonight. If you want to have a great day tomorrow, go to bed at a decent time tonight. You’ll be happier, more patient, more able to handle your life. You can’t wake up early if you don’t go to bed early, not and maintain peak sanity throughout the day.

Tomorrow starts tonight. Go to bed early!

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