Like a Ninja

Today I thought seriously about calling up some of my film friends and asking them to follow me and Wanda around the house several hours per day. I need to capture her like Pooh needs to capture a Heffalump. I want every moment of her life, every morsel of her speech recorded so that when my little friend leaves me and heads to kindergarten, I can sit alone in my bathrobe reliving the glory days.

She is my buddy, my nearly constant companion and I can’t get enough of her.

Wanda goes limp and swings with no hands, her head thrown back, her arms dangling to the side. She must have her mouth open when she swings. This is called “flops.”

She likes to play outside in the rain, splashing in puddles and showering in the rain spout.
When we were at Dan’s band concert this week, Wanda was dressed like this:
A stranger came up and said, “Oh my! You’re a pretty princess.”

Wanda replied, “Yeah! I’m like a ninja!”

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