A Table Full of Thanks and Giving

My hands-down favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the So Let It Be Written Thanksgiving Tablecloth. I like this even more than the fancy cheese tradition, where we test out all kinds of new fancy cheeses late Thanksgiving night after the turkey has worn off. That’s saying something because cheese is, to quote Wanda, “mine best friend.”

Every year at Thanksgiving, I pull out this white tablecloth and we each write one or two things we’re most thankful for that year on the cloth with fabric markers, followed by the year and our name. If friends or family are visiting for dinner, they get to leave their grati-fiti as well.

Over the last six years, it’s become a treasure and a time piece. We can see who we were with and what things were on our minds and hearts. If our house were burning down, I’d put the Thanksgiving tablecloth right up there with family photos and passports on the list of things to rescue.

It’s not too late to run out and get a white tablecloth. You can start the tradition this year. If you do, don’t forget to iron the ink into the cloth before washing it, and to avoid washing it more than once every few years, be sure to buy a clear plastic cover to go over it while you eat.

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