Drops of Art

So many great things have come from this Drops of Awesome idea. I’ve made real and true friends, heard stories that will forever change me, both in writing and in person, and I’ve gotten to speak to women in groups around the Pacific Northwest about how to be kinder to themselves. Every time I speak on the topic, I find myself surprised at how badly I need the message… again.

But one of the coolest things to come out of that post is this amazing artwork created by Brandon A. Miltgen, an artist and blogger at Drawing Faith:

Drops of Awesome_LR

Ask me if he’s sending me a high-res copy to blow up huge and hang over the couch in my family room. Go ahead. Ask me. I love the creativity that went into designing and executing this piece and I love that he shared it with me. He should really sell prints of this one. Are you reading this, Brandon? You should really sell prints. Go check out his blog. There’s a whole bucket of awesome over there.

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