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Post Partum Mood Disorder

TweetStarting this week at The Parenting Post, I’m doing a series on my experiences with Post Partum Mood Disorder.

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An Open Letter to My Post-Partum Anxiety

TweetDear Madam, I regret to inform you that since you received no formal invitation to reside in this body, you are officially being asked to evacuate the premises immediately. Big-O’s evacuation was not an open invitation for any old squatter … Continue reading

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This Post is For Me

TweetIt’s been a year and a month since the initial crash, the day when the harsh realities of despair and evil in the world became the only realities I could conjure up. That means it’s been almost a year since … Continue reading

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The Flood Always Crests

TweetIt’s been flooding around my town. Roads are closed. School has been canceled and we’ve all been anxiously watching the flood reports waiting for the water to crest and recede so we can get back to the normal flow of … Continue reading

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Mobile Medicine

TweetI’m a little glum today folks. Okay. A lot glum. Wallow with me for a moment before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Magoo turns 3 this summer. He’s a big fat ball of toddleric cuteness and I … Continue reading

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More Brain Stories

TweetI’m continuing to share the story of my post partum trauma over at The Parenting Post. One more week of this and I’ll get back to the usual silliness of my life.

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