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FOOD FOR GOOD in Seattle

TweetOh Gates Foundation! How I wish our schedules would line up sometime. They throw the coolest family education events. One is going on this weekend on April 5th, FOOD FOR GOOD. It’s a free event about food and nutrition for … Continue reading

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Hello, Calgary!

TweetI was listening to NPR while I ran errands this weekend, when Ira Glass suddenly started talking about my hometown, the best hometown I know, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The opening segment of This American Life was about different cities’ failed … Continue reading

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A Partial List of Things It’s Harder to Do When the Sun is Out in Seattle

Tweet1. Back out of my long driveway 2. Use my tablet outdoors 3. Deny the mountains exist 4. Conceal the fact that I am 86.5% of the way through my transition to becoming a PNW vampire 5. Yell at my … Continue reading

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Gearing up for the Second Coming

TweetWe weren’t gonna watch the game. We’re not football people. We hadn’t watched all season. Sundays are more a churchy day than a sports day for us. We were not jumping on the Seahawks band wagon on the day of … Continue reading

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The Numbers

TweetDan and I go to “MegaCorp” each year for a health screening. It’s a Know Your Numbers campaign. They want you to know all your numbers, your good and bad cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, BMI… circumference… etc. The past three … Continue reading

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Today, as we’re leaving the soccer field, he asks if he can play at the skate park on the way home. He asks this most days after soccer practice and I always say no. Sometimes we’re in a rush to get somewhere. Usually we’re hungry, and generally there are a slew of tweenish and teenish boys and their female hangers-on doing cool tricks, smoking, and proving that they’re hardcore by dropping f-bombs as frequently as possible.
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