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How Can I Be Happy About This?

Tweet“Three minutes. That’s how long I had to work hard to focus on the positive before I began to feel happy. Three minutes of work to turn a nightmare into a great memory.” [Read more at]

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Tweet“Try your best. Invest yourself in everything you do. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. But do you wanna know a secret? Some of my greatest successes in life have started with … Continue reading

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Managing Great Expectations

TweetIf there’s something good about to happen to my family, chances are solid, like, around 95%, that my kids know nothing about it. They’re going along in their daily lives and BAM! Disneyland or KAPOW! Ice cream sundaes. I try … Continue reading

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I Know! You Can Borrow My Car

TweetMy parents taught me to be kind, loving, honest, selfless and… auto maintenance. That’s why this particular story is so embarrassing to me. For the Thanksgiving/Christmas season, my mom and dad are in town, about 45 minutes away from here. … Continue reading

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Drops of Awesome – The Book – Coming Soonish

TweetI’m thrilled, in that YayButOhWOWIHaveTonsOfWorkToDo sort of way, to announce that I just signed on with California-based publisher Familius to create a book based on the ideas in my blog post, Drops of Awesome. I cannot think of a better … Continue reading

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Just Draw a Doggone Dragon

TweetFor the first time ever, Magoo has a teacher who is requiring participation in the PTA art competition, Reflections. It’s always been optional for him in the past and when he said he wasn’t interested, I said a quiet prayer … Continue reading

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