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Tweet As a kid, when I pictured being a mom, I pictured it pretty much exactly the way it was tonight. My baby was sleeping sweetly, while Magoo, Laylee and I put a puzzle together and sang along to The … Continue reading

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A Moment of Silence

TweetPlease take a moment and shed a tear for the thousands who gave their lives on our windshield as we drove accross the country these past two weeks.

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Unwritten House Rules

TweetIf you observe my children, you’ll start to think we have a series of very interesting rules in place in our home. #8. Refuse to eat food that is more than five minutes old because it is “leftovers” unless it’s … Continue reading

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Stealth Strep

Tweet“My favorite part of the stinkin’ long appointment in the 3’x4’ holding cell came when the doctor leaned in quietly with his little light to peek at Laylee’s throat. She held still. She stuck out her tongue. She said, “Aaaaahhhhhh.” … Continue reading

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Boogie Time

TweetI didn’t want to write about boogies today. I really really did not want to do that, but Magoo started talking about them this morning and I simply must share. [Read more at]

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Dumpster Diving for Love

TweetYesterday we decorated for Christmas. It’s not officially December but the last of the mashed potatoes and stuffing were gone and it seemed like something I could do with a clean conscience and only moderate disapproval from my mother. She’s … Continue reading

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