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I Never Eat Boogers

TweetI don’t even like them. Okay. So I’ve never even tried, not even as a child, not one booger Sam I Am but I just know. I would not eat one in a box or wearing sox or while writing … Continue reading

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I Shouldn’t Compare

TweetI’ve only had 2 daughters for a couple of weeks but I’m already comparing them to each other. I need to remember to look at them as individual young ladies with their own gifts and talents but it’s so hard … Continue reading

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That One Post

TweetToday I wrote that one post, the one at the end of pregnancy where you’re actually considering removing the baby yourself by any means possible. It was 3.5 pages single-spaced in Word. It was whiny and self-indulgent and I meant … Continue reading

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Lock Them Up Because You Love Them

TweetOn the way to the bus stop today, Magoo spotted some bedazzled slugs awaiting collection. He likes to call them snails but I know a slug when I see one. He gathered up two, one in each hand, one for … Continue reading

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The Wavy Arm

TweetEvery day when Laylee gets off the bus, she and Magoo run down the hill to our house at top speed, scaring me to death and forcing me to cup my hands and yell, “SLOW DOWN. YOU’LL FALL AND BREAK … Continue reading

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A Couple of New Posts

TweetI’ve written a guest post over at my friend Damomma’s place. She’s the new mother of a 3rd baby and this is my version of taking over a casserole. It’s a puke-casserole, but I hope it helps her out in … Continue reading

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