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The Flood Always Crests

TweetIt’s been flooding around my town. Roads are closed. School has been canceled and we’ve all been anxiously watching the flood reports waiting for the water to crest and recede so we can get back to the normal flow of … Continue reading

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Brainiversity – Giveaway

Tweet ***And the winners are Shaye and CBS! Congrats.*** I often feel that my brain is going to mush. I’ve tried reading Tolstoy, playing Sudoku, taking extended adult naps, brushing my teeth with my non-dominant hand and many other remedies … Continue reading

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Land of Eternal Winter

TweetThe sky is blue outside my window but I have trouble believing it. It’s been so gray and dark all day, all week, all YEAR. We have little bursts of sun and then back to weeks and weeks of oppressive … Continue reading

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Are You 100% Positive?

TweetEven the sweetest kid can be a Snarkity McSnarkle Pants sometimes. It’s just expected. We may roll our eyes and move on or try to correct the attitude. Sometimes we just lock ourselves in the bathroom with some lemon bars … Continue reading

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When We Know Better

TweetWhen we know better, we do better. I wish I’d known more about postpartum mood disorders before Magoo was born. I wish more people were more informed. It is this wish that’s caused me to write my 3-part series at … Continue reading

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More Brain Stories

TweetI’m continuing to share the story of my post partum trauma over at The Parenting Post. One more week of this and I’ll get back to the usual silliness of my life.

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