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TweetI’ve decided there are ways I can make money off this whole preschool gig. [read more]

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TweetI stay home with my kids. The decision has less to do with the fact that I have the option of wearing pajamas all day and more to do with the fact that I vainly think I can give them … Continue reading

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TweetToday at, we’re talking about a new study that suggests trouble for kids in day care. Please go over and weigh in on the discussion. I stay home with my kids but I’m honestly not sure what I’d do … Continue reading

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NoI’mNot YesYouAre

TweetI was recently babysitting for a friend’s daughter, an adorable little 2-year-old elf who can spell her 3-syllable last name perfectly.   She reminds me of a corporate executive in miniature with bulbous pig-tale buns, marching around the house and calling … Continue reading

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