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Mamma Mia with the Snorffles

TweetOn Tuesday I was heading for serious sickness but I was conflicted because I had serious tickets to see Mamma Mia! with a few of my SeattleMomBlogs peeps and I felt I MUST GO. So I did. I packed my … Continue reading

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So You Think You Can Date…date…date…date? – Updated

Tweet***Update – Eve has posted some awesome pictures and description of SYTYCD Live over at Seattle Mom Blogs. If you’re like me, the pictures will make you SCREAM!!! But then, you may be normal.*** Dan and I are on a … Continue reading

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A Mother Is

TweetA mother is someone whose phone call you can answer unembarrassed even though Vanilla Ice is blasting on your stereo while your kids dance around like maniacs in the background.

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Happy Halloween

TweetAre we the only ones who’ve been doing this for the past several weeks at Costco? Photo Sharing – Video Sharing – Share Photos – Free Video Hosting

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The Answer To All our Financial Woes Found at Jiffy Lube

TweetI wonder if all my previous experience will count AGAINST me during the rigorous interview process.

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Voldemort Can’t Stop the Rock

TweetReally really loud music in the library maybe sometimes sort of can stop the rock… if you’re attending the concert with small people, people who have tiny and delicate ears. I’ve been boiling over with excitement to see my favorite … Continue reading

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