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Mistakes Were Made

TweetSometimes passive voice is needed. Sometimes mistakes are made. Jars of applesauce might even be smashed on the garage floor. We had a gaggle of delightful family members in town this past weekend for Magoo’s baptism. Yay! He decided to … Continue reading

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Stop! Person Who Made a Poor Choice and Stole Something!

TweetI would title this post, Stop! Thief!, but that would mean labeling one of my children and from what I’ve read in these here parenting manuals, there is no such thing as a “bad child,” just a child who makes … Continue reading

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Losing IT

TweetSometimes I’m a great mom, times like yesterday morning and afternoon when I walked all over town taking Wanda to the park and the library for story time. Then every once in a while I snap and it’s not pretty. … Continue reading

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TweetDan called me from work yesterday, his voice somber. “I have something to tell you,” he said. “Okay?” My heart started racing. “So, how’s your anxiety?” “Oh, for the love, you’re freaking me out. Did you lose your job?” “No. … Continue reading

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TweetThey want a cat. Or a dog or a bat or a snail or a crab. They just want something to love. And given how baby hungry I’ve been since my sister gave birth to a little piece of heaven … Continue reading

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The Economics of Teeth

TweetI hope Magoo never learns that it’s possible to sell his organs for money… or candy. Lately his main revenue stream comes from the secretive but highly lucrative tooth market. He yanks one out, processes it, makes it available for … Continue reading

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