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The Wavy Arm

TweetEvery day when Laylee gets off the bus, she and Magoo run down the hill to our house at top speed, scaring me to death and forcing me to cup my hands and yell, “SLOW DOWN. YOU’LL FALL AND BREAK … Continue reading

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Digging Out

TweetToday I moved, I really moved for one of the first times in 4 months. Magoo was at preschool a 20-minute walk from our house and there was a smattering of sun peeking through the clouds. I was out of … Continue reading

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Could I Be More Mean?

TweetI have set a limit of four days on this: It’s been three days and today I gave warning. The Stuffed Animal Utopia of Bliss must be dismantled by tomorrow night. “But the animals will be so sad.” “But you … Continue reading

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Googling Solutions to Cleaning Blood Stains While Teaching Preschool

TweetDo you remember a while back I wrote a post about the level of sheer carnage occurring with my brawling preschoolers? Well things have calmed down through the months. The kids have stopped the smackdown and their attention spans have … Continue reading

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It’s In the Spin

TweetI’d gotten up the gumption to tidy the kitchen, sweep the floors and even eat some food. These gumptionful actions sent me straight to the couch where I was contemplating a long term stay. I had both phones next to … Continue reading

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Still Here

TweetSo we’re experiencing the worst flooding here in ~90 years and our town is cut off in every direction from the rest of the world. Dan made it home before the flooding and our house is up high enough that … Continue reading

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