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Calling All Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

TweetThey’ll train us!!!??? This awesome sign appeared yesterday at a major intersection just outside of town. I saw the guy placing it there. I’d say mid-twenties, shortish, dark hair, possibly hispanic. I wasn’t paying too much attention to him. Then … Continue reading

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Speedily Down to Hell

TweetToday in the car, Magoo noticed that several cars were speeding past us. Magoo: They are going off the speed limit mom! Totally! Me: Yep. They’re going pretty fast. Magoo: They’re going too fast. We don’t drive like that. Me: … Continue reading

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Craigslist Gives Me Melon-Feet

TweetI love the idea of Craiglist. You sell things. You buy things. You give away things so that people will haul them away from your house for free. I have been able to give things away on Craigslist that no … Continue reading

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Rest Stops

TweetWe’ve been doing some serious road trippin’ lately. To hear some tales of the road, pop over to

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Blood in a Baggie

TweetSometimes the red tape involved with medical care baffles me, especially when you see more than one provider at once. Last week, my naturopath told me I looked like crap. She said it a lot nicer than that but basically … Continue reading

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I am Not Responsible for Josh Groban

TweetDan has a hard time distinguishing between Josh Groban and Michael Bublé. I can understand the difficulty. They are both male and they both sing songs and both of their careers were created by the United States of Oprah, respectively. … Continue reading

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