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Taste Your Nerds

TweetWe were on vacation at grandma’s house last month and the kids had been outfitted with about all the candy and treats their bodies could handle. They were enjoying life immensely. One night, after brushing his teeth, Magoo asked if … Continue reading

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Cloudy Soccer

Tweet When they got home from school, the kids found a soccer ball on the front lawn and got into a game that involved Laylee and Magoo kicking the ball back and forth while Wanda screamed and tried to intercept … Continue reading

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WITH Siren

TweetMy parents and sister came to visit us for Christmas and it was so fun to have them here. It’s the first time we’ve ever had family up for the holiday and we wanted to make it special so we … Continue reading

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Wanda Discovers the Faucet

Tweet I love the part a few seconds in when she points to herself in the mirror and then points to Magoo as if to say, “Did you see that? Did you see that? I did that. That was me!”

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Dressing the Part

TweetFor our anniversary this December, I got Dan a bowtie, a real bowtie that you have to tie yourself and that you can pull lose at the end of the day and it hangs down on either side of your … Continue reading

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National Day of Listening

TweetMy sister KayLynn is guest posting today to talk about the National Day of Listening. I am a huge proponent of capturing the stories of those we love and I think this is a great way to spend our time … Continue reading

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