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How to know if things are going great

TweetAs we sat down to breakfast this morning, Laylee expressed her happiness with her situation in life: “Everything is going great for me right now. My hair is turning curly, I have a loose tooth, and I brushed my teeth … Continue reading

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TweetYesterday was a tough one. I sort of blogged it out over at at But today is a new day. I was nicer to the kids. The fridge situation got all sorted out and the new one is lovely … Continue reading

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Meeting Maria

TweetI stayed home from church today with a pathetic sickly Wanda. She’s got a snuffly nose, a cough, a rattle and a roll. She can’t sleep without a binky but she can’t breathe WITH a binky so we are at … Continue reading

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Setting Family Goals

Tweet“Wanda just sat there in her swing like an INFANT and offered no insight whatsoever. She’s kind of been acting like the family freeloader lately.” [read more at]

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The Call of Duty

TweetI already tweeted this and put it on Facebook but I really think it needs to go on the blog. Dan is a lover of Call of Duty and I am a lover of how well he fulfills his ultimate … Continue reading

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I Plan to Become a Millionaire

TweetThis morning I was spending some sweet quality time with my squishable water-filled newborn. Sunlight was filtering in through the window of my cozy bedroom and I was sitting next to her on the bed. She looked so precious and … Continue reading

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