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Her back is “out”

TweetKathryn’s back is “out”. Not “out” as in “un-cool”; “out” as in “out of commission”. (I find her back very cool.) So she asked I post a little something to let you all know that she has not, in fact, … Continue reading

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Bunks, Thugs and Harmony

TweetBunkbeds at Costco were ripe for the picking and who am I to argue with purchasing furniture when it’s in season? About a year ago they had them in stock and I wasn’t QUITE quick enough snatching one up. When … Continue reading

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My House Smells Better than a Dead Whale

TweetDo you have your very own marine biologist to change your Betta fish’s water? I do. I pay her with leftover enchiladas and stories about all the crazy people I’ve known in my life. She likes the stories and I … Continue reading

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Just Take a Plate of Cookies

TweetNote to self: When meeting the new people next door, say something innocuous like, “Welcome” or “Cute kid you got there.” Do not compliment them in detail on their bold new kitchen décor… in their kitchen you cannot see from … Continue reading

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Bloggers Get Hungry Too

TweetSometimes they get hungry together and then you’d better watch out. This weekend I met up with some bloggy friends new and old for a lunch at Ivars in downtown Seattle. I like Ivars because you can smell fish guts … Continue reading

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Lunch In Seattle

TweetMy friend Millie is planning a blogger’s lunch in Seattle on April 28th. I sure plan on attending. If you live in or around Seattle and you’d like to meet up for lunch, let me know. Wouldn’t it be fun … Continue reading

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