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Death and Dying

TweetThe tree’s body lay on the living room floor for about 24 hours before I performed some drastic surgery with a cordless drill and some photo-hanging wire, restoring just enough of its health to prolong its life through the Christmas … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Carnage

TweetSometimes you have to face facts. Sometimes your fake Christmas tree is just dead. You should not try to resuscitate it. You should not try to meld the stand back together with Super Glue. You may end up gluing your … Continue reading

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Building a Bunker

TweetDan and I were recently watching a TV commercial about some facial lotion that claimed to renew your DNA or possibly restructure it. We were flabbergasted. What a load of… Well, if a lotion could do that, it could also … Continue reading

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Everyone But Papa Survived

TweetMy parents were out visiting from Montana this weekend and we wanted to hang out with them in a relaxed way, a way that didn’t involve driving into downtown Seattle to see something quintessentially Seattle-like. Instead, we ate steel-cut oats, … Continue reading

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I’m Like Lassie Without the Well-Groomed Hair

TweetAnd I have the ability to bear children. So I’m pregnant, right? The cuteness of the babies being born in my area recently, combined with the slow decline in my all-day pregnancy sickness is causing me to be more excited … Continue reading

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It’s Not a Fever if You Don’t Take her Temperature

TweetI’m still pretty sick. Laylee’s been home sick for 3 days. Dan’s home sick. It’s not fun but everything passes, right? At Parenting today I’ve written about how I let my ick and frustration almost take over my parental decision-making … Continue reading

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