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Flood Washington with Relief

TweetIt wasn’t until I sat down to beg you all for help that the severity of what’s going on in the flood zones really hit me and I started bawling. If you want to understand why, go watch this video … Continue reading

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God Knows We’re Lost

TweetIt’s coming up on two years since Magoo was born and I still struggle with anxiety and depression issues originally triggered by his birth. My brain hurts from thinking about my brain. I’m tired of wondering what constitutes chemical deficiency … Continue reading

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The Car Cracker and the Rat King

TweetIt’s been a WEEK. On the way to the Nutcracker last Friday, Vinny was rear-ended, causing over $4000 in vehicle damage, sore backs and necks for me and Laylee and some serious emotional trauma and reduction in driving ability. Until … Continue reading

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They Weren’t Stale Yet

TweetDan’s family left us this morning while I slept.  I miss them already.  The 3 day visit seemed too short and disorganized.  We didn’t plan ahead what we would do or talk to them about their expectations for the trip.  … Continue reading

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It’s Hard Out Here for a Perfectionist – Who’s Not

TweetSo I’m new here, in this town, where I live.  You know?  The move and such?  Many of my good friends have moved out of state recently or just gotten lives or something.  I’m starting to make new friends slowly.  … Continue reading

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