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Pressing Reset

TweetI’ve got a new post up over at about pressing reset in your family relationships. It’s a sweet little trick that’s worked well for me.

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Living The Home Movies

TweetI have a new post up at, my newest blogging gig. I’m really excited to be working with these ladies. They run a quality site. If you haven’t been over there, check them out. “The moments I whip through … Continue reading

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Drops of Awesome – Holiday Edition

TweetFor me, the final straw on the back of my Holiday Madness Camel came in the form of the Shelf Elf. Everybody was posting pictures of their mischievous Christmas elves posed daily in the midst of elaborate hijinks. One day … Continue reading

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Life at the Moo-zeum

TweetI would go to a different museum every day if that’s what it took to get Wanda to keep saying “Moo-zeum” in her cute little gravelly voice. Doing this, however, would require planning, hopefully on the part of someone other … Continue reading

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Throw Your Vote in This Cardboard Box

TweetWe used to slide our ballots into electronic vote-counting machines. Several years ago, King County moved to an absentee ballot system to save money. I miss the camaraderie of standing in line at a fire station with my whiny kids … Continue reading

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TweetThere are a few new awesome recipes up on my food blog, she types humbly. I’ve had great inspriation from amazing chefs and I present to you: The World’s Best Cornbread Make it. I promise you’ll be glad you did. … Continue reading

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