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Singing Telegram

Tweet Wanda was sick. She’d been hacking up a lung for days and I’d kept her home from school and other activities. One morning she woke up coughing nigh unto death and barfed all over her bed. It was a … Continue reading

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I Know! You Can Borrow My Car

TweetMy parents taught me to be kind, loving, honest, selfless and… auto maintenance. That’s why this particular story is so embarrassing to me. For the Thanksgiving/Christmas season, my mom and dad are in town, about 45 minutes away from here. … Continue reading

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Mistakes Were Made

TweetSometimes passive voice is needed. Sometimes mistakes are made. Jars of applesauce might even be smashed on the garage floor. We had a gaggle of delightful family members in town this past weekend for Magoo’s baptism. Yay! He decided to … Continue reading

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Drops of a Podcast

TweetToday I had the chance to speak with Dr. Paul Jenkins on his Live on Purpose Radio podcast. We chatted about Drops of Awesome and a little of the background behind it. He’s so delightful to speak to and I … Continue reading

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Love Songs For Jerks

TweetYesterday, I tried to get romantic. It’s Valentine’s week and I was feeling lovish so I got out my Nashville soundtrack CD, cued it up to what is currently my favorite love song and left it in Dan’s car so … Continue reading

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Tuppence Per Each Bag

TweetI’ve been trying to eat well lately. In theory I’ve been trying to eat well all my life, minus college. In practice I’ve been getting progressively better for the past 5-10 years. I’ve very recently turned to a hard-core, stop-eating-anything-that-doesn’t-taste-like-a-literal-nutrient … Continue reading

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