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Calling All Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

TweetThey’ll train us!!!??? This awesome sign appeared yesterday at a major intersection just outside of town. I saw the guy placing it there. I’d say mid-twenties, shortish, dark hair, possibly hispanic. I wasn’t paying too much attention to him. Then … Continue reading

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Do Your Parents Lick You?

TweetI should never be allowed to read books to children in public. [read more]

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Chicken Sitting

TweetI am chicken-sitting for a friend who is on vacation. The chickens are angry. When I fed them but did not let them out to roam, they vocalized their displeasure. I have a feeling they will lay non-free-range eggs tonight … Continue reading

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Rambo Gardening Techniques and Punk Firefighters

TweetMy approach to gardening this year is to kill kill kill everything in sight. I wanted to plant some things but there is no room in my yard for useful vegetation because it’s all been taken over by crazy soul-sucking … Continue reading

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Things That Go Bump in the Night

TweetDo Your Kids Ever Walk Around the House Like Zombies in Their Sleep? [read more at]

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St. Patrick’s Day Non-Proliferation Treaty

TweetDear Parents and Leprechauns of the World, Stop the madness! Today I am begging you, BEGGING. YOU. To stop this senseless St. Patty’s escalation and let the rest of us get back to our old traditions of making green pancakes … Continue reading

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