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My House Smells Better than a Dead Whale

TweetDo you have your very own marine biologist to change your Betta fish’s water? I do. I pay her with leftover enchiladas and stories about all the crazy people I’ve known in my life. She likes the stories and I … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Rock Solid

TweetToday I offer you some time-honored bits of advice that have served me well in my life. I hope they work for you and if you have some of your own, feel free to share. 1. If none of the … Continue reading

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Life in Atlantis

TweetBy now you probably know that much of Washington has been swallowed up in the great waters of the Puget Sound apocalypse. Our town is effectively cut off from civilization as the rivers in the area have swollen to gigantical … Continue reading

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Never Leave Your Kids Alone with a Nut

TweetIt could kill them. Laylee has learned to shell her own peanuts by chewing the shell into tiny shards, spitting it all over my counter and then eating half of the peanut and dropping the other half on the ground. I … Continue reading

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Jack-Again and the Littlest Theologian

TweetThis post originally appeared on The Parenting Post on July 31, 2006. We’ve been fishless for months since my last attempt at explaining death to Laylee. For some reason, last week I decided we were ready to try it again. … Continue reading

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