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Stop! Person Who Made a Poor Choice and Stole Something!

TweetI would title this post, Stop! Thief!, but that would mean labeling one of my children and from what I’ve read in these here parenting manuals, there is no such thing as a “bad child,” just a child who makes … Continue reading

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Yogurt – As Promised

TweetThis is the label on the case of yogurt I bought at Costco recently. Really?! Zero percent non-fat? So that makes it what percent full-fat? MAXIMUM FLAVOR UNITS!

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Rule Breakers

TweetI was surprised to see so many humans inside Target. The requirements for admittance are clearly marked.

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3T Ninja

TweetMy mom sent Wanda these cute leggings for her birthday. I misread the label, seeing it as NINJA (3T). It may not be what was actually on the label but I think it fits.

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Guess What I Ordered – No Really – Guess

TweetIt’s time to introduce a new game on the blog. I like to call it, “Guess What I Ordered – No Really – Guess.” The way it works is I order something in the mail and slowly reveal what I … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Casting

TweetI saw a woman in the line at the grocery store today who was a dead ringer for Dame Judy Dench. It made sense to me because Dame Judy seems to pop up in all kinds of places. But then … Continue reading

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