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A Partial List of Things It’s Harder to Do When the Sun is Out in Seattle

Tweet1. Back out of my long driveway 2. Use my tablet outdoors 3. Deny the mountains exist 4. Conceal the fact that I am 86.5% of the way through my transition to becoming a PNW vampire 5. Yell at my … Continue reading

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Alright With the Rain

TweetWe were enduring a typical Pacific Northwest underwater baseball practice the other day. I was hunched under my giant umbrella, wearing a slicker, sitting on my Tommy Bahama chair. Wanda, on the other hand, was running around like a maniac … Continue reading

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How Dare They?

TweetI have a special relationship with snow. I grew up in Canada with more snow than most sane people can handle. And I loved it. I love the smell of snow, the look of snow, snow games and snow treats. … Continue reading

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It Starts

TweetI saw my breath when I took the kids to the bus this morning. My name is Kathryn Thompson and I do not approve this message.

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I Can See Clearly Now and the Rain is Gone But It Will Be Back RE: I Live in the Seattle Area

TweetIt seems that everyone who lives within a 500 mile radius of Seattle just says they’re from Seattle to save time. I sort of fall into that category. Our plays, concerts, zoos, museums and company parties are in Seattle but … Continue reading

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Windows Down – Zune Playlist

TweetI’m dreaming, hoping, wishing for summer. I can’t wait to drive my car with the windows rolled down, my hair slamming into my face and whipping my eyes until I’m forced to pull it back into a matted ponytail, while … Continue reading

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