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Windows Down – Zune Playlist

TweetI’m dreaming, hoping, wishing for summer. I can’t wait to drive my car with the windows rolled down, my hair slamming into my face and whipping my eyes until I’m forced to pull it back into a matted ponytail, while … Continue reading

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Still Here

TweetSo we’re experiencing the worst flooding here in ~90 years and our town is cut off in every direction from the rest of the world. Dan made it home before the flooding and our house is up high enough that … Continue reading

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Uphill Both Ways

TweetI have a post up at Parenting today about our experiences being snowed in for Christmas. I submitted the post a couple of days before the 25th so it does not include our experience of waking up Christmas morning to … Continue reading

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From the Top of Queen Anne

TweetWhen weather gets bad in Seattle, it is almost always reported from the top of Queen Anne Hill. We’re not totally sure why. I guess it gives a good view of the city. It’s sort of tradition. Maybe each new … Continue reading

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Speed Walking Glory

TweetDan supervised the kiddie festivities with mildly-annoyed resignation while I walked a 5K in the mud behind some of my running girlfriends. My joints are fairly bad and I once had a physical therapist tell me not to become a … Continue reading

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Land of Eternal Winter

TweetThe sky is blue outside my window but I have trouble believing it. It’s been so gray and dark all day, all week, all YEAR. We have little bursts of sun and then back to weeks and weeks of oppressive … Continue reading

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